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Book Recommendations

What books would you recommend for developing psychic and medium abilities?

Class tonight

How do I take class tonight. Where is the link.?

How to Access Classes

Hi There! I'm confused on how to access the classes advertised below. Would you please help me be able to access them? I am connected to the Supercast. Thank you! "Enjoy access to the full library of the Psychic Evolution Mystery School to enhance and to develop your intuition, psychic and mediumship abilities. Harmonize the Spirit, Mind and Body!!! Classes include: Master Guide & Spirit Guides Tarot Natural Laws Spiritual Room Metaphysical Senses Safety, Rules and Parameters Remote Viewing Yoga MindSight Workout Pendulum Telepathy Psychometry Third Eye Activation Developing Intuition Numerology Meditations Manifestation Creating a Vision of your Divine Self Charkras, An Introduction Unifying Oneness, Exploring growth edges in Chakra exploration Inner Spiritual Light Body and Merkabah Activation White Lotus Blossom, Flame of Purification Stones and Water Intentions for Balancing Chakras Mantras of Connection Soul Tracing with Past Lives Auric Field workouts"

classes 2nd week?

I signed up for this to take the 2nd monday class. I thought this was an online group class. This whole process is very confusing. I don't see anything about a class or how to connect. I don't even know what my profile is to cancel. is there still a class on the 2nd monday??